Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Katerina Lutsenko


Healthcare Coverage Simplified With Levi Goldberg

By Andrea NisselHealthcare coverage is important at any age and especially when you get older, but choosing the...

Fall Foliage or Spring Bloom?

By Nechama PolakIf Family Feud were to ask the question “When is a family happiest in their home?”...

Simple Tips to Adjust to The Time Change

(StatePoint) Daylight Saving Time (DST) ends November 7, and if you are already dreading the adjustment, you are not alone. The physical...

Most Americans Ill-Prepared for Natural Disasters. Are You Among Them?

(StatePoint) A time when natural disasters are growing in frequency, most Americans are not physically or financially prepared to handle them.

Turning the Corner

By Ruby KaplanOK, now that the chagim have passed, winding down with Mar Cheshvan without any holiday pressure—except...

Latest news

Eight Countries Join IDF Drill

By Yaakov Lapin/JNS.orgThe commander of the United Arab Emirate Air Force, Maj. Gen. Staff Pilot Ibrahim Nasser Mohammed...

Teaneck Voters: Vote Secemski, Greene and Elkaryani for Teaneck BOE (5,6,7)

By Mark (Mendy) Schwartz/Co-Publisher, The Jewish Link and Deputy Mayor, TeaneckThis past year has shown us very clearly...

Senators Move to Block Biden’s Plan to Reopen Consulate for Palestinians

(JNS) Three dozen Republican senators introduced a bill on Tuesday that aims to block the Biden administration’s plan to reopen the U.S....

String of Antisemitic Incidents In Texas Leaves Jewish Community Unsettled

(Faygie Holt/JNS) The Jewish community in Austin, Texas, is responding to several instances of anti-Semitism in recent days as graffiti was found...

Jazz Brings Jews and Blacks Together Against Antisemitism and Racism

(JNS) A two-day cultural event in New York this week brought together members of the Jewish and Black communities in an effort...
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